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Matt Ropiha

Matt Ropiha started making furniture out of the desire to fit out his own home, with thoughtful, custom pieces.

After years of working in the commercial building trade, being made redundant and the birth of his son provided the catalyst for a career switch. What started as furnishing his own home turned into building pieces for friends, then supplying friends-of-friends.

Historically 'Porktown' was the nickname given to Preston in the mid 19th century, when the suburb was home to Victoria's first bacon factory. Matt loved this story about his locale and the name stuck. Porktown MFG was born. Oink!

Matt's furniture is durable, solidly crafted, functional and unique. Matt works up-close and personal with each of his clients, offering the opportunity to customise each piece according to a person’s individual needs and the needs of their living spaces. 

Matt’s furniture emerges from honest labour spent on quality materials. Pairing mild steel with reclaimed timbers salvaged locally or from sustainably managed sources to compliment each other. Inspired by the simplicity of mid century design. The result is long lasting and timeless.

Porktown MFG – heavy metal, good wood.



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